Temperature monitoring trucks off-line and on-line. Our off-line capabilities are second to none. We can get 2 years of data from a sensor in less then 120 seconds. And yes, we store 2 years of data (210.240 samples) on a sensor. When your sensor (truck or cooler) arrives at any AntTail gateway, it will start pushing data to our back-office. This will be quick and requires no human interaction. When you decide that your company needs on-line truck monitoring, ask for our very competitive operational lease, that includes a 48-month warranty and communication cost.

Temperature monitoring warehouse on-line. Scalable to 1.000 sensors in the best low-power wireless network available to the Pharma market. AntTail’s sensors have a unique Pheromone network© protocol copied from Mother Nature’s ants. It has no overhead and can process data very quick. For the warehouse we use standard 3.7 Volt AA-batteries that can last up to 5 years. Our sensors are very accurate, use very little power and have 5 years of datastorage a stagering 525.000 samples. AntTail’s temperature sensor comes with a digital  “Conformity certificate” to indicate that they have met all our tests, including a temperature read-out at our production facility. Over a period of 10 years the temperature sensor will shift less then 0.0625 degrees Celsius.

Time slicing service: (based on the previous two) and integration of the scan-data generated by the customer’s barcode scanners. This will enable a digital proof of delivery of the condition of the goods. The AntTail back-office will generate a pdf that contains the barcode and a temperature reference. This pdf is secure and is CFR 21 Part 11 compliant.

Box monitoring service: Since our AntTail sensor has 2 years of memory and a battery life of 2 years, it can be used to monitor a wrapper box all the way from a production facility to the last hub in the logistic chain. The sensor will start pushing data to the AntTail back-office as soon as it is in reach. No human interaction necessary. The complete temperature history will be available, not just the last leg of the journey.

Anti-Counterfeiting service: In addition to our box monitoring service, AntTail is investigating to enhance that service by adding the serial number of the wrapper box to the secure and encrypted memory of the AntTail sensor. The combination of the sensor with its information in the back-office in the box itself will render any attempt to counterfeit useless.  We are looking for a lounging customer.